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IFEDILICHUKWU NEBO founded Nvene Spring Water because of his deep desire to help his own people. A native of Enugu, he holds a Diploma in Pharmacology and Physiology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He also holds multiple certifications from the Project Management Institute and the American Petroleum Institute.

Nvene Spring Water’s founder and president began his career as a Science and Laboratory Technologist at the University of Nigeria. His strong work ethic and keen ability to improve productivity helped him quickly move up the ranks professionally in both Nigeria and the United States.

In his quest to become successful, Mr. Nebo faced many difficult challenges. However, Mr. Nebo’s father taught him that nothing is impossible when you want it badly enough.  That deeply ingrained belief contributed significantly to Mr. Nebo’s quick climb to success during his 8 years in the United States working in various supervisory/management positions in the chemical, oil and gas industries.

Mr. Nebo brings that extensive project management/supervisory experience to Nvene Spring Water after having successfully performed quality assurance and quality control work on countless major projects.

As a result of his many life experiences, Mr. Nebo has adopted a healthier way of life and continually strives to improve what he puts in his body. Because Nigeria is the home he knows and loves, his primary mission in founding Nvene Spring Water is to help Nigerians improve their overall health by starting with the water they drink.



 JUDE NEBO brings a lifetime of practical, hands-on experience to Nvene Spring Water. As an entrepreneur, one of his first successful business ventures was to grow his small livestock farm into a large commercial farm. As a result of implementing wise agricultural practices, Nebo’s livestock farm received a national award for producing the largest pig in the nation.

Over the course of 40 years, Jude Nebo successfully built multiple livestock farms for individuals and for the government. In addition, he built many access roads into communities that previously had none in his role as a contractor for local governments in Enugu State.

Nvene Spring Water feels privileged to have Jude Nebo serve as vice president. Mr. Nebo brings over 4 decades of business acumen and invaluable experience to Nvene Spring Water



OGOCHUKWU NEBO is a Cum Laude Honors graduate of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. She holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and brings over 13 years of expertise to Nvene Spring Water.

As an extremely detail-oriented financial professional, she spent over 4 years of her career working for the United States Department of Defence's Finance and Accounting Service.  During that period, her skills researching, reviewing, and analyzing data led to improved productivity, increased accuracy, and reduced costs.

Ogochukwu Nebo’s strong work ethic and exceptional leadership skills have contributed to her success identifying the real problems and providing practical solutions for other organizations as well.  She looks forward to helping the Nvene Spring Water Team bring a top-quality, cost-effective product to the doorstep of every fellow Nigerian.

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